New blog rants and new bloggy life with more I guess..

Okay so here it goes, people do not really need to know me. I would however post my rants here to log myself somewhere. Might be this gets lost, but hey I had to post everything I do plus with their track records somewhere, no? well yes among various other dead blogs; I had come up with an idea to start a complete new blog (which is this!). I could post here knowing what I have to track for myself and what I have to rant for! Most imporatantly this blog has so many things to do other than personal posts. It has got a coding section category, a penetration test category, others are coming while I am up with an idea to compress all that i learn to a basic blog and come back and learn from them again incase i need to do so.

So, this is 10:55 PM IST exact and I am really starving for certain positive ideas to start from. I have missed more college days than i attend. Apart from that been said, I have priorities, love life seems to be suffering from ocassionally sentimental stuff and there is more to come I guess. However I am keeping up the research as I have to bunk classes to do my own research. To be really honest, college does not help getting anything to the head, it’s sarcastic to say! buy yes. A lot has been going under the hood, I am now going to learn and the IDE’s that support Visual Basic. This being as well on academic schedule will help me do both the research plus the academics. I have to grow over linux more often. I had been going through HTML as a series here as I learn them. I am happening to be learning some of the most serious things in my life. Some of them are technical, others are social as well. I am not that much social tho! to keep everyone reminded; even if you spot me out, I ask you to please don’t re-rant this on other forums or social platform which just does not gives you any better productivity! rather it will only encourage me to delete this blog as rest of the other dead ones. I am dedicated to this blog and hence let this blog survive until my last days.


One does not simply blog!


Looking for intellectual opinions. Feedbacks are welcome!

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