Headache with b1tcypt1on!

Windoz b1tcrypt1on made me mad early this morning today. Had to format my external disk to recover the same. I think there should be more documentation related to bde-repair and bde-status because these recovery options are really great but lacks some GUI for the startups. Not only BitLocker Encryption takes long, but if your hard disk suffers from some pre-errors, the encryption stops at a point and when you need to access the disk, neither you can attempt to strike the passoword, nor recover it via bde-repair on Windows 8. Bad windoz with bad BitLocker entities!

  • Does not provide extensive documentation.
  • Bad support community, when asked they say to go to a professional data recovery center. seriously? 😉
  • The problem was only resolved via formatting the external disk, which is a bad idea.
  • The format seemed to be blocked by the conventional method, like right clicking and then formatting.
  • Had to go to the computer management, loaded up virtual disk config, and then deleted the whole disk.
  • Once allocated, I had to then format.
  • In order to recover my data, I had to fire up Stellar NTFS recovery and then recover, recovery isn’t finsihed yes; so can’t say if it would work.
  • The bitlocker encryption failed at a certain point due to disk error never prompted me at the start (should had checked auto before it tries to encrypt, no?)
  • The bitlocker changed my partition from NTFS healthy to RAW, and it was more serious to recover a partition from a RAW disk.
  • There were no disk icons on control panel bitlocker encryption management, and hence no options to unlock!
  • There were access denied and other various errors like “No paramter found” upon a try to access the external disk.
  • bde-repair from -rk or -rp (recovery keys, recovery passwords {48 keys} or even a .bek file) failed.
  • This concludes, chkdsk /f -r fails when you do a bitlocker encrypt and you have a no way out, certainly you have to end up recovering your data after you delete the disk itself from the computer management console and then create the same partition again. Once done, try recovering the data!

I had a lot of data on my external harddisk, some are not coming back as I fear the data which were already encrypted has been lost forever, the rest would however be worth a try and I am going to try recovering all this very afternoon. I had a large shock after I woke up this morning and encountered a bad day. Backup is a must but such large quantity of data could only be saved on a hard disk rather than a optical disk drive. I would ask people not to use MS Bitlocker encryption. TrueCrypt is better!

Bitter EDIT..

The recovery were unsuccessfull, as feared all the files which were previously encrypted before disk failure could not be found and forever lost. Here are some images to the recent processing done finished this morning; yes this took a whole 24 hours operation, and I could only save 16 out of 155 private documents which went encrypted during the process.











Private files which were recovered after the process.

99 gigs of chunk and junks!  certain files were imporatant and were lost. Encryption repair is really sucky! but got to learn things after all the processes encountered!


Headache with b1tcypt1on!

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