IP Resolver for Web Application Bug Hunters!

A tool for digging into the vhosts. Networking could help Web Application Enumeration Phases!

Today, I have a tool for bug hunters who could feel bliss’d using this particular tool. Most of the time, we need IP resolvers to search sub-domain for network exploitation; this isn’t however limited to network exploitation. For web application bug hunters, they need to rely on odd tactics for detection of web application on a specific web server. Here I bring you a new tool, which can auto detect web applications and bring you results. Before hand using this tool, you need to register yourselves with Azure, a Windows Marketplace and get keys to use the Bing API search! here’s how.

Register to: https://datamarket.azure.com

Search for “Bing API search”, and get the keys (google it around, what good is direct information?); you should get something like following:

ImageWhen you get this, paste this API key to the tool I had provided in the link below!


Start enumerating the sub-domains! you have other options as well, but this gives me the best results in my penetration test work.
Download this tool (Exploit Resolver): http://sourceforge.net/projects/exploitresolver/files/Resolver-


Looking for intellectual opinions. Feedbacks are welcome!

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