Theoritical Question related to BCA101 Digital Electronics for 1st Semester Students.

The ones who have been applying for 1st semester WBUT BCA101 might want to look over this and keep everything posted here noted! this will be the theoretical aspects of the question asked over and over again and might work the trick to getting you win “marks”. I personally do not believe in grades, a man is as good as his sword and his sword is as good as his arms!

  • State and mention the main differences between sequential and combinational circuits.
  • Define Flip flops, and it’s propagation delay.
  • What is a decoder?
  • what are shift registers?
  • what is a PROM?
  • what are priority checkers?
  • what is a ring counter?
  • what is the full subtractor?
  • explain the differences between the ring counter and the Johnson counter with proper state and circuit diagram.
  • Explain the concept of Parity checking
  • Discuss about the design of an odd parity and even parity generator.
  • What is biased exponent in relation to floating point representation? (FPR)?
  • What do you mean by race conditions in a flip flop? Design a JK-flip flop and discuss about it’s operation.
  • What are the universal gates?
  • Draw a block diagram of a digital Microprocessor and explain it’s functions.
  • What do you mean by a sequential circuit?
  • What are the synchronous and asynchronous sequential circuits?
  • Explain the functionality of D-Flip Flop. Give the truth table and state the diagrams.
  • What do you mean by edge triggering level and level triggering in flip flops?
  • What is a flip flop?
  • What are the uses of a flip flop?
  • Give the circuit diagram of a JK-Flip Flop
  • Give the truth tables of SR and JK flip flops
  • Write a short note on excitation table
  • Write a short note on ripple counters
  • Explain the differences between a RAM and a ROM
  • Write a short note on parity checking
  • Write a short note on ring counter
  • Write a short note on magnitude comparator.

These are the question which are frequently asked and compiled here for easy references. I hope this finds you or you find this in a good ay and start off working on the same. Also, try other sections to take out most of my posts! will be catching you people soon! Roger out!./-


Looking for intellectual opinions. Feedbacks are welcome!

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