I might not had added this before but since it’s too deep and possibly very deeper to understand various people, this post is dedicated to the morons I had met in past and intend to meet in the future. Life is no shorter than what I initially thought. Morons make lifespan seem more longer than it actually is. Now, some people may cal us the ‘voodoo people’ because we  stay awake late night working on problems and understanding things. It’s not on us to always judge what we do, but it is only us who can judge ourselves. It so happens that people who are in quest to innovate something must be first put to an endless criticism, moronic situations, and real world sociological problems to which they must deal with at an intense shutter speed rate all the time.

This happened me in the past and has been happening to me now. This post is for them, if found in good conditions; alike minds can take a peek at and know they are not the only ones left from the situations described here. The situations been very brightly put up to you to make you feel defeated at times. These situation could be communication, friends, family, finances and a whole range of more moronic useless points which have no real solutions and stop your efforts to know the unknown and solving your own curiosity. To be on the personal side, most of my early days of my research faced problems from the social side and now has lately been limited to friends, college, and roommates since I had to somehow shift town to make myself up to the research I was pursuing.

To pinpoint the troubles, I will lie down some energetic points which I had been facing and am facing now.

  • Trouble with communicating to people who have persistent level of low understanding
  • Some are not spiritually awake, and even in their own problems, they teach me what spiritualism is
  • College professors trying to outsmart everyone else and think they know everything after having a M.Tech certification
  • There are other problems including roommate complaining about night wake policies and not being able to sleep because of the keystroke sounds
  • Complains from remote phone which would be made by parents to really not know what’s going on
  • Rumors from friends and suspecting me of doing job which is beyond their explanation
  • The above happens due to absence at college, brief absence..

There are more but no limited to rumors of the old blatant moronic thinking society, peer pressure to attend parties where you just get drunk and never really will be likely around the people who have the same mindset. Bu same mindset I mean to talk on ground basics of something which puts you to thinking and solving problems out of the reality check sake.  We do security, we do coding, that’s what we can surely (at least me) can try finding among the local community parties. To be honest, I only found some of them who have the actual curiosity to even arrange those parties if not Defcon, Toorcon, Nullcon or Malcon. But these are conferences and they are not like local chapters, it’s more like spending to attend keynotes and spend time with security voodoo people. That’s not what I call local parties. That’s a party where you attend to meet people more broad who might have no residency at your town. Now, there is more to this, with changing lifestyles, there are more people into fake their possessions they really do not possess at the first place. You will find girls bragging all day about clothes, people screaming on faces about how much pocket-money he/she can spend over the next upcoming mobile set and absolutely forgetting about the real tech smart! not tech savvy, but you call this as making up to something you are truly not! we see things from the other side, voodoo people!



Undefined security voodoo people..

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