ISAD – Information System Analysis and Design.

So, the bitter truth is I really had not been prepared for ISAD, a part of BCA academic course. I had to go check what had been on the syllabus to make myself accented towards ISAD. I found that most of the topics had been summoned from the earlier dose of business system and applications. I quickly researched some of the topics I could study and came very handy with resourceful of materials. I knew I could get some of the topics fetched from this site which prepared the notes already. I am just pushing my information on the topics I know about because not all of the contents could be grabbed from this site alone. There are other resources as well, I will share them after I finish off my content on this. This post is to supposed be updated when I am updated. Again, you cannot get ‘all’ on this post itself. If you are specifically doing your academic kung-fu, this is not the best place. I write my research and personal papers here which might be found useful at some point. This doesn’t mean you end and hopefully do your part.

There are these topics that I see i can get my hand as on :

  1. Software Development Life Cycles – All those old bees. Namely Waterfall model, Spiral model, Incremental and you name it! there would be more…
  2. Feasibility Studies. – I am really not aware of this. What this was suppose to mean? I have to research, and let’s see what I get!
  3. Requirements Determination – em, I can just imagine there are requirements of some sort… I had been on pentesting; this is not majorly what I do (academics!).
  4. Logical Design – Falls in System Design, we will get on all that later.
  5. Physical Design – Falls in System Design.
  6. Program Design – In System Design.
  7. Risk and Feasibility Analysis – .. [redacted]

This post has been redacted from continuation due to time lack (the post was maintained for further study but due to the lack of time, the post is discontinued ..). See you another time, or catch the section which are available. Some good resources to look into are:

Tricks to get maximum:

Tricks to get paper and the notes:

You’ll need registration although. You might also find this beneficial:

But I doubt the above link would be much beneficial. If that doesn’t work, get here:

because if I change my mind and find some spare time, I’d share it here. This can/will happen if motivated enough. Go through my other posts on 3rd semester if needed. All the 2nd semester posts are redacted due to lack of maintenance and time management.




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