1. Operating System – An Introductory Post on coverage.

An Introduction to Operating Systems

By Shritam Bhowmick
Web Application Penetration Tester
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Hi, this semester I had something new to discuss. The subject was Operating System, and I find it a pleasure writing all of the achieved knowledge through this blog post. This post would be the introductory post since there is a lot to cover. And because there is a lot to cover, here I would go in accordance with clear mentionables and hence cover only the important aspects. The coverage will encircle all the syllabus. To let you know the university (WBUT 2014) has prescribed the following as the syllabus:

  1. Importance of OS.
  2. Basic concepts and terminology
  3. Types of OS
  4. Different views
  5. Journey of a command execution
  6. Design and implementation of OS
  7. Process: Concept and views
  8. OS view of processes
  9. OS services for process management
  10. Scheduling algorithms,
  11. Performance evaluation
  12. Inter process communication and synchronization
  13. Mutual exclusion
  14. Semaphores
  15. Hardware support for mutual exclusion
  16. Queuing implementation of semaphores
  17. Classical problem of concurrent programming
  18. Critical region and conditional critical region
  19. Monitors
  20. Messages
  21. Deadlocks
  22. Resource manager
  23. Memory management
  24. File management
  25. Processor management
  26. Device management
  27. Security and protection
  28. Authentication, protection and access control
  29. Formal models of protection
  30. Worms and viruses.
  31. Multiprocessor system, classification and types
  32. OS functions and requirements
  33. Introduction to parallel computing
  34. Multiprocessor interconnection synchronization.
  35. Distributes OS – rationales
  36. Algorithms for distributed processing
  37. Introduction to Unix OS/DOS (case study)

All of the above topics are a standard evaluation of the syllabus and the topics marked are to be covered. The first topic is importance of OS and shall be discussed from the next post. It has come to my attention that universities rather Indian Universities are not much conceptual on drafting out syllabus. They care only to finish a heap of things without any real conclusion on the achieved skill-set. However, I choose to go the other way round and make things better with my own research and dedication because I am interested in such topics and college degree doesn’t matter much to me. The degree which is fetched might be useful for industrial jobs, but these jobs are often versatile on different things and the employee themselves need to be trained, fed, kicked and reduce the possibility of invention. This in turn re-invents the wheel of ultimate progression and limits the imaginary thoughts which could be turned into an invention and discovery.

As for this post is concerned, the coverage of the syllabus laid down by WBUT has been covered and hence I shall proceed to the next post in continuation to this post on the topic for ‘Importance of OS’. Because without really knowing why we need operating system, we would really be lost onto the topics. Feel free to navigate along the ‘categories’ to discover new contents added to ‘Operating Systems’. I shall post when time permits me and would share the additional resources if available any. I had planned to cover all the topic in each post for these to go ahead and leave a mark on a good outline coverage of all the topics. Probability of the questions asked and their answers will be also covered. An analysis from the previous year questions would also be sorted out and hence provide a flexible way to deduce the questions for the upcoming years. Since the year of writing these posts is 2014, it is the duty for other academic students to share the resources and these posts to others who shall be in need and had opted for the same university and has these topics to be covered. I shall take a leave now from this post and move along to the next posts which are due to come.



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