Townhall Q&A with PM Modi and Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook HQ in San Jose, California

Here’s some of the quick pointers and an overall overview of what happened at Townhall QnA with Narendra Modi (PMO India) and Mark Zuckerburg (CEO @Facebook).

Real time information – hence govt. can be aware. Use to corrective measure and build active framework. And china too has a word of ‘Modi’. There is a festival in Israel and in Hebrew, Modi also congratulated their celebrations in Hebrew to which he was responded back in Hindi. A all new diplomacy.

Investment to Information Infrastructure – ‘thanks’ to ‘make in India’ and more people inspire to make in India. It’s true that in India we have to focus on two things – Physical Infrastructre (Requirement) and the other is Digital Infrastructure. Tackle problems simultaneously. 250 local bodies – in next 5 years span, we will able to link all these villagers via optical fiber.

Business in India – pace of performance in India is slow – if you want to turn a scooter, it takes half a second but if you want to divert a train, it’s a tremendous work. For such a gigantic country, change will take time eventually. Keeping track of what is happening and not happening. In my governance, India did changed drastically – the speed of change (e.g. opening of bank a/c’s, ease of doing business scale, etc.). Secret to make in India – low cost manufacturing with skill, raw materials, plus biggest market itself in India. Rapid development (+40% while rest of the countries is minus). Assets – democratic dividend, democracy, and demand (3D’s). A vibrant democracy. New ‘D’ has been added ‘Dissolving Govt. from Business Beneficiary’ – free citizens.

Women Empowerment in India – your stand on women/girl child for progressive India – all societies all over the world – in most society, God is male, India is only country females are God. The fundamental values of India has women as an important role. As far as Govt. is concerned, if we want to achieve our economic goals – we cannot imprison 50% of population at home. Whether it is Education, health – for a male you have to make a reservation. For education, a lot of it today has for women. In Health sector, a large number of sections have been taken by women. Direct Jurisdiction are being done by Women in India. In India, in the electoral process, 50% reservations for Women.

Family is important – tell us about your mother – I really admire and congratulate the parents of Mark to give birth to Mark, linking the world. It’s probably the first occasion, Mark has invited parents. Generally two things are there – one is a women as a teacher n your life and one mother. I came from a very poor family. No one could imagine me selling tea. I’d like to salute the billions citizen of India to make this happen (as a leader of India). My father ofcouse is no longer with us, By mother is 9+ years old and she does all of her work by herself, she’s not educated but via TV she knows what happening around the world. When we were small, what we used to get-by was that we used to goto our houses near-by and clean the dishes, fill water (cries off here a bit) .. so you can imagine what a mother had to do to raise her children. And that’s not just the case with Narendra Modi – In India, there’s 100’s of mothers like that, to cut off her own life for their children. And therefore, I’d like to thank mothers everywhere. And I hope that their blessings will give us strength to keep us on the right path.

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